Wedding Stress, I mean Dress.

3 Feb, 2016

Don’t know where to start?  I do.  

Wedding Styling services include:  Inspiration boards, Making appointments, fittings, accessorizing, groom styling, bridal party, customized veils and shoes, wedding day styling, dress preservation, mother of the Bride Styling.

For details: or 310-707-5510.




Happy New You!

28 Dec, 2015


It’s a New Year…..Are you ready?   I probably won’t be wearing a disco ball this year like I did in my 20’s, but I will be making a list of how I see my style evolving over a glass of champagne by a cozy fire.  Ever since I moved to the South Bay (Los Angeles) my style has taken a turn for the most casual Ali I’ve ever been and quite frankly, I’m over it.  I’mstocking up on new heels, and quilting my denim {but I’m serious}.  I’ll be adding more eyeshadow, buying more skirts and obviously working out my legs because of the “buying more skirts” part.  Want to do the same?  Let’s talk about how we can renovate your style, then lets work together to make it happen.